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Psychology & Social Work

These services include a variety of assessments and treatments focused on developing increased coping skills, gaining effective communication skills, and addressing a variety of stressors that impact on one’s mental health. Some of these services include individual psychotherapy, couples and family counseling, group therapy (anger management, relationship skills, art therapy, etc.), psychoeducational training, and Snoezelen/Multi-Sensory Environment sessions. Additionally, we have a comprehensive program focused on relationship and sexuality education, as well as social skills training and sexual abuse prevention training. Aside from these services, our clinic also offers numerous assessments within the clinic including Sexual Consent Assessments, Capacity Assessments (related to one’s ability to consent to a variety of things), Eligibility Testing (IQ Testing & Adaptive Behavior Assessments), Risk Assessments, Dementia Assessments, and Diminution Assessments. For those living with family, we also have two programs that provide in-home behavioral services and training; these include our Intensive Behavioral Services and Family Support Services Programs.

Man in therapy

Therapy Room

Physical Therapy and Pet Therapy Dog

Physical Therapy helps patients improve and maintain functional mobility skills thru dynamic balance, strengthening, and range of motion interventions. We work with people who have had life time physical impairments as well as those looking to restore function after injury or illness.

Our pet therapy dog Leo helps by both motivating people and calming them. He offers his services to assist patients when working on their dynamic balance and ambulation skills, reaching tasks and motor coordination skills.

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy

These services focus on helping develop the skills needed to effectively communicate with others. This may be done through the assessment and treatment of receptive and expressive language, articulation, voice disorders, cognition, dysfluencies, hearing impairment, or stuttering. Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) evaluations and recommendations are also provided to enhance communication skills (gestures, sign language, writing, PECS/picture books, iPads, and speech generating devices). Additionally, services and assessments addressing swallowing disorders are available.

Speech Therapist

Two Men

Rehabilitation Counseling

These services include assessment, counseling, and training focused on skill development and vocational interest, with the goal of obtaining and maintaining successful employment. Areas of focus during sessionsmay include problem solving, relational skills, self-care, home management, community work integration, money management, work task analysis, avocational activities, and job-specific skills. Our providers also assist with vocational planning and provide assistance with acquiring assistive devices and related training.

Eligibility Testing

(IQ & Adaptive Behavior Scales)

Our Eligibility Testing services are intended to assist individuals and families who are seeking OPWDD eligibility through the office for people with developmental disabilities (OPWDD) for themselves or a loved one. Our providers are qualified to complete numerous IQ tests, depending on the needs and abilities of the test taker. Additionally, we work with natural supports to complete required adaptive functioning assessments. For individuals who can’t access this service through their insurance providers, we can assist with identifying alternative funding sources for some individuals.

Boy with Downsyndrome

Girl with Downs Syndrome

Treatment Coordination Services

Our Treatment Coordinator facilitates the intake process for the clinic and coordinates our various clinical servicesto ensure interdisciplinary collaboration and quality service provision. This service can assist with identifying appropriate clinical services and gaining access to them quickly and effectively.

Family Support Services

Through Family Support Services, your family can participate in consultation and receive training from clinicians trained in Applied Behavior Analysis. The goal of this service is to better prepare you and your family when responding to challenging behavior exhibited by your loved one, to reduce the future occurrence of this behavior, and to develop new adaptive and appropriate skills. Family support groups, as well as group and individualized trainings on topics related to behavioral intervention, will be offered regularly. Individual requests for specific training in relevant topics can also be accommodated.

Family Support

Depressed Man

Intensive Behavioral Services

Intensive Behavioral Services is a short-term (6 month) service that involves the development of a Behavior Support Plan for individuals whose behavior is greatly interfering with their daily functioning or whose behavior is a risk to their health and safety. It is especially appropriate for individuals whose behavior puts them at risk of placement in a more restrictive residential setting. The clinicians involved provide training in use of the Behavior Support Plan, which outlines how to respond to the specific challenging behavior more effectively. Following the initial assessment and training, participating families receive ongoing consultation from our providers.

Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Room

The Snoezelen Room is a Multi-Sensory Environment that is used for clinical sessions offered by Occupational Therapy, Social Work, and Psychology. Our Kingston sitehas one of the only true Snoezelen Rooms in the Hudson Valley. We have additional Multi-Sensory Environment (MSE) clinical rooms in Catskill, Kingston, Carmel and Ellenville.

Snoezelen is a multi-sensory environment that uses specialized equipment and a wide range of materials to offer a full sensory experience. It is particularly designed to allow a person the opportunity to make their own choices and initiate cause and effect reactions.

This process links to cognitive, perceptual, behavioral and physical processing with the control of sensory stimulation, choice-making and independence resulting in a sense of empowerment and satisfaction.

Multi-Sensory Room